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Knightfall is a 2D fully top-down pixel art dungeon crawler. Knightfall focuses on a limited vision mechanic that reduces your ability to see distance and thus have to react faster. How far down did you end up and will you ever get to the surface?



Marching with the rest of your armada to the next castle that you plan to overthrow, you take a step through a leaf pile plunging you downward into the massive abyss of a dungeon. As you awake, your sword is missing and your arm is broken. The area surrounding you is so dark that you can only see your immediate surroundings. How far down did you fall? Will you ever reach the surface or will you die like the rest that have fallen before you?


Explore and navigate a massive underground dungeon! Although levels are not procedurally generated, the experience you have is! Random weapon drops, variable enemy health, even cracks in the floor, all are procedural, ready to make every playthrough feel different!

Combat is 100% Real Time and you will have to use items effectively while fighting for your life. Similar to how a Knight's armor would act in real life, you have no space in your armor for an inventory. You can only carry something as a Weapon, something as a Shield, and one consumable, whether it be a Key or a Health Potion!

There is also a fully randomized Market that allows Players to stop in and gander at the available items on that dungeon floor. Every level is completely different as well as every playthrough so always be sure to stop in!

There are plans of having Full Controller Support including all Xbox controllers, PlayStation, N64, USB SNES, and many others! Come join us in the adventure of a lifetime and find your way to the surface!

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